BLADE NO BEAST is a unique combination of chosen active ingredients, which energizes you for hard and effective workout. This pre-workout formula is due to its high level of active ingredients. Synergistic combination of chosen 9 active substances including L-tyrosine which sustains your concentration and contributes to normal muscle function.

NO volumizing blend: Beta-alanine, Arginine AKG, citrulline malate

Stimulation blend: niacin, caffeine, taurine

Vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12

Delicious tastes

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Supplement facts

Supplement Facts: 1 serving: 1 sachet (10,7 g) (~ 28 servings)
  100 g 1 serving (10,7 g)
Energy 1230 kJ / 288 kcal 131 kJ / 31 kcal
Fat  <0,5 g <0,5 g
from which saturated 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrate 48 g 5,1 g
from which sugar 5,4 g 0,6 g
Fibre <0,5 g <0,5 g
Protein <0,5 g <0,5 g
Salt 0,09 g <0,01 g
Vitamin C 935 mg 100 mg
Niacin 94 mg 10 mg
Vitamin B6 37 mg 4 mg
Vitamin B12 50 µg µg

Blade No Beast Formula
No Beast No-enhancing formula 3750 mg
Beta-alanine 2000 mg
Arginine AKG 1000 mg
Citrulline malate 750 mg
Blade No Beast efficiency formula 700 mg
Taurine 500 mg
Caffeine 200 mg
Delivery formula 5025 mg
Corn starch 5000 mg
Hydrolyzed casein 25 mg

Ingredients: Starch (waxy maize), beta-alanine, arginine AKG, citrulin malate, taurine, caffeine, acid: citric acid, vitamins (vitamin C: L-ascorbic acid, niacin: nicotinamide, vitamin B6: pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12: cyanocobalamin), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, flavouring, sweetener: sucralose, milk caseinate, colours: indigo carmine, carmoisine*.
Use 1 sachet (approx: 10,7g) of powder with 150-200 ml of cold water 30 minutes before workout. To increase the intensity use 2 sachets 30 minutes before training. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

For healthy adults only! 

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the supplement’s compounds!


BLADE NO BEAST pre-workout formula has been designed for athletes and recreational athletes who want to achieve really hard and intense training and support muscle strength. You may also use it whenever you need to sustain your concentration.