The BLADE SPORT L-Carnitine 100 000 Liquid ZERO has been developed for active lifestyles but professional athletes.

It is sugar-free and each dose delivers 2000 mg of L-carnitine per dose in high-dose, liquid form.

It is considered the pinnacle of fat mobilization and is therefore one of the most effective performance enhancers.

To achieve the best effect, we also added green tea extract to BLADE SPORT L-Carnitine 100 000 and enriched it with vitamins B5 and B6, which help reduce fatigue.

In one sentence, you should use BLADE SPORT L-Carnitine 100 000 Liquid because you can increase your performance by mobilizing your fat stores while delaying fatigue.

High dose of L-carnitine content.

Lactose, gluten and sugar free.

Carbohydrate free.

Practical, instant drink formula.

Economical packaging.

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Item number
500 kg/db
Supplement facts

Supplement Facts: 1 cap: (10ml) Servings Per Bottle: 50
  /100 ml           /10ml       *NRV% /10ml
L-Carnitine 20.000 mg      2000ml       -
Inulin 500 mg           50ml           -
Green tea extract  50 mg             5mg            -
Vitamin B1 Thiamine 14 mg             1.4mg        121%
Vitamin B2 Riboflavine 2.5 mg            0.25mg      22.7%
Vitamin B3 Nicotinamide 180 mg           18mg         112.5%
Vitamin B5 Calcium pantotheanate 65.4 mg          6.54mg      109%
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxin 20 mg             2mg           142.8%
**NRV:Daily reference intake for vitamins and minerals for adults

Ingredients: Purified Water, green coffee extract, L- carnitine base, Acidity regulator ( Citric Acid) Inulin, Aroma (Cherry), Nicotinamide, Conserving agent(Sorbic Acid) ,Calcium pantotheanate, Pyridoxin Hydrochloride, Sweetners (Acesulfame K,Sucralose) Thiamine Hydrochloride, Riboflavine, Colour (Allura RED AC*) 
Consume 10 ml before training. Packaging: liquid, 500 ml (50 servings)

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.